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SMERS - Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium

Symposium Program (Final)

February 4th, Wednesday

6:00-8:00 p.m.Reception and Welcome at the Embassy Suites

February 5th-7thThursday-Saturday

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Conference Room

Choral Room

Barness Recital Hall

MUE 211

MUE 205

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Opening Remarks by:

Dean James S. Moy,

Dean of College of The Arts, USF

Dr. Karen Bryan,

Director of the School of Music, USF

Keynote Address

Musical Immersions in the 4th Dimension

Kari Veblen,

University of Western Ontario

9:45 AM

The New Audience Musician: An Artistic Response to Societal Change

Rineke Smilde,

University of Music and Performing ArtsVienna and Prince Claus Conservatoire (The Netherlands)

Beginners Arent All Nine Years Old: Cognitive Load Impacts Effective Wind Practice

Laura Stambaugh,

Georgia Southern University

The Influence of the Guatemalan Municipal Orchestra's Curriculum on the Social Relationships of its Members

Jacobo Nitsch,

Florida International University

10:15 AM

Perceptions of Difficulty, Confidence, and Practice Techniques in Adult Concert Bands

Debbie Rohwer, University of North Texas; Jeremy Lane, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Engaging Student Singers: Developing Self-Regulated Learning through Reflection and Collaboration in Music Education

Sarah Morrison,

The University of Toronto

A Case Study of an Adult Self-Identified Non-Singer

Joanne Rutkowski,

Pennsylvania State University

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

The Brain’s Conductor: Working Memory and Music

Tracy Alloway

University of North Florida

Co-Constructing Music and Research: Making Music Learning Audible and Visible

Alison Reynolds & Heather Waters, Temple University

The Community Music Project: A Model for Music Teacher Preparation Courses

Kerry Renzoni

SUNY Buffalo State

11:30 AM

The Relationship Between Musical Engagement and Agency Across the Lifespan

Jennifer Hutchison,

University of Western Ontario

Forming Musical Meaning through Music Literacy

Suzanne Burton,

University of Delaware

Co-Constructing a Graduate Music Education

Heather Waters, Yiyue Zhang, Mary Real, Pamela Turowski, & Emily Westlake, Temple University

12:00 PM

Senior Center Band Experience: Why They Joined, Continue, and Will Quit

David Smith,

Western Michigan University

Hearing Loss and the Relationship to Aural Skills and Academic Achievement in Music Majors: Preliminary Findings From a Longitudinal Study

Valerie Trollinger, Kutztown University; Robert T. Sataloff, Drexel University College of Medicine

StudentsPerceptions of Performing and Learning the Music of West Africa

Chengcheng Long, Arizona State University

12:30 PM


1:30 PM


2:30 PM


2:45 PM


Assessment and Musical Development

Panel Chair, Timothy Brophy, University of Florida;

Working Memory and Music

Tracy Alloway,

University of North Florida;

Growth Models in Music Education, Edward Asmus,

University of Georgia;

ExaminingRater Quality in Music Performance Assessment,

Brian Wesolowski, University of Georgia

(Panel Session Continued)

Examining Self-Efficacy, Music Achievement, and Music Class Enrollment Among Secondary School Instrumental Students

Michael Zelenak, Alabama State University

The Detroit Lullaby Project

Wendy Matthews & Carolyn Dayton, Wayne State University

3:15 PM

Using Small Ensembles to Promote Meaningful Music Making in Band

Amy Spears, Nebraska Wesleyan University; Danelle Larson, Eastern Illinois University

Evaluating Synchronized Video Feedback in Preservice Teacher Education: A Pilot Study

David A. Rickels,

University of Colorado at Boulder

4:00 PM

Meaningfulness in the Community Chorus: Portraits of Four Adult Singers

Krystal Rickard McCoy,

College of Southern Maryland

Varied Musical Experiences and College Student's Open-Mindedness in Turkey and in the United States

Mustafa Bulut, Zekeriya Kaptan, Yusuf Özgül, & Esmira Mehtiyev, Cumhuriyet University (Turkey);

C. Victor Fung, University of South Florida; Lisa J. Lehmberg, University of Massachusetts, Amherst; & Patrick Hernly, St. Petersburg College

Brief Focused Inquiry: Music Metaphor as a Framework for Small Scale-Research Studies

Bernie Andrews,

University of Ottawa

4:30 PM

Instrumental Music Recruitment Across the Lifespan: A Content Analysis

Josef Hanson, Eastman School of Music/University of Rochester

Gamification In Music Education

Demet Aydinli Gurler,

Cumhuriyet University (Turkey)

Interdisciplinarity in Times of Accountability: Changing Teacher Practice in One Urban District

Cathy Benedict & Patrick Schmidt, Florida International University

5:00 PM

Lifelong Mentoring in an Adult Chamber Ensemble

Andrew Goodrich, Boston University

Irving Emerson, Connecticut Music Educator: 1843-1903

Terese Tuohey,

Wayne State University

February 6th,Friday

Conference Room

Choral Room

Barness Recital Hall

MUE 211

MUE 205

8:00 AM


8:30 AM

Keynote Address

Music, Creativity, and Positive Plasticity in Lifespan Developmental Context

David Meyers,

University of Minnesota

9:30 AM

Dismantling Barriers to Quality Music Instruction for Older Adults in Rural America: A Collective Case Study of Six Adults Taking Online Synchronous Music Lessons

Pamela Pike, Louisiana State University

Social Networks/Social Media as Agency in Music Learning and Teaching

Janice Waldron,

University of Windsor

Enhancing Self-Regulated Practice Behavior in High School Instrumentalists

Kim Mieder & Jennifer Bugos, University of South Florida

10:00 AM

Exploring Connections Between the Music Classroom And Lifelong Music Engagement

Will Dabback,

James Madison University

Studentsand TeachersPerceptions of the Engagement of Creativity in Secondary School Choral Music Ensemble Classes

David Langley, Georgia Southern University

Ethnography of a Southern Roots Music Community: Field, Swamp and Internet

Susan Mills,

Appalachian State University

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

The Power of Intergenerational Singing in Alzheimers Care

Carol Beynon & Jennifer Hutchison,

University of Western Ontario

‘Its the Journey That Counts’: Voices From Pre-Service Teachers on Beginning Music Education

Ailbhe Kenny,

Mary Immaculate College/University of Limerick (Ireland)

Bridging the Gap Between Apprentice to Practitioner

Susan Avery,

Ithaca College

A Qualitative Investigation of Speech-Language Pathologistsand Music Educators’ Techniques

Mara Culp,

Pennsylvania State University

Relationships of Background Experience and Music Teaching Style with Conducting Functions

Alan Gumm, Central Michigan University

11:15 AM

Dare to Differentiate: A Pedagogical Approach for Adult Music Learners with Diverse Needs

Stephen Murray,

Boston University

A Two-Year Study On Young Humans Interactivity With an iPad App: The Carnival of the Animals (COA)

Catherine Ming Tu,

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Secondary Band Participation and Executive Function

Dre Graham & Jennifer Bugos, University of South Florida

Re-learning to Teach: Inside One Veteran Choral Directors Struggle to Shift Toward a Constructivist View of Learning

Jonathan Busch, Southfield Christian School

The Valley Handbell Festival: A Community of Lifelong Music Engagement

Darrin Thornton,

Pennsylvania State University

11:45 AM

The Implementation of Music Education to Elderly Residents of Nursing Homes in Turkey: A Preliminary Study

Dilek Göktürk Cary & Christopher Wiley Carey, Karabük University (Turkey)

Young Childrens Home Soundscape: A Day in the Life of a Family

Eugenia Costa-Giomi & Xiaoning Sun,

University of Texas-Austin

Psychosocial Theory and the Lifespan of a Successful Music Teacher

Steve Kelly,

Florida State University

Jail Guitar Doors: A Case Study of Guitar Instruction in Cook County Jail

Chris Bulgren, University of Michigan

Stages: An Amateur Musician’s Half-Century Commitment to Participation in a Chosen Community Ensemble

Lisa Redpath,

Stonehill College

12:15 PM


2:00 PM


Musical Engagement and Healthy Aging

Panel Chair, Andrea Halpern, An Overview of Music Cognition in Healthy Aging, An Overview of Music Cognition in Healthy Aging

Bucknell University; Use it or Lose it: The Benefit of Musical Training on the Aging Brain, Claude Alain, The University of Toronto; Piano Training on Cognitive Performance in Aging; Jennifer Bugos, University of South Florida

They All Have a Part to Play and it is Not Just About Music: Policies, Procedures and "Community" in an Intergenerational Community Band

Louise Billaud,

New River Community College

Fluctuations of Social Justice Beliefs During Undergraduate Music Educator Preparation

Daniel Hellman,

Missouri State University

Into the Mystic: Lived Experiences of World Music


Katy Strand & Bridget Rinehimer,

Indiana University

The Power of Early Childhood Music Education: An Exploration of Musical and Social Development of Pre-school Children in Wisconsin

Alena Holmes, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

2:30 PM

(Panel Continued)

A Beat in Their Feet and a Rhythm to the Words: Rhythmic Intervention for At-Risk Elementary Readers

Margaret Thiele, Dexter Community Schools

Contextualizing the El Sistema Movement Within Music Education: Social Justice in Relation to Sociocultural Messages

Stephen Fairbanks, Pennsylvania State University

Jazz Education Over Time: An Examination of Teacher Perspectives

Daniel Healy, Northwestern University

Motor-Aural Synchronization in Adolescent Music Students

Corin Overland, University of Miami

3:15 PM


3:30 PM

Ensemble Participation and Belongingness as Components of Successful Aging in Older Adults

Ann Harrington, University of Kentucky

Redefining Music Literacy: Common Core To Common Score

Steve Oare, Elaine Bernstorf, & Selim Giray, Wichita State University

Learning From Parents: What They Tell Us About Experiencing Music With Their Children

Gerald Knight& Jean Rattigan-Rohr;

Elon University

University Musicians' Experiences in an iPad Ensemble

Jill Reese & Kristina Verrico, The State University of New York at Fredonia

The Erosion of Arts Courses in Elementary Education Curricula at the College Level: A Preliminary Study

Louise Patrick, Florida Gulf Coast University

4:00 PM

My Own Perspective: What Adult Music Students Say About Their Experiences

Pete Jutras,

University of Georgia

The Freedom of Musical Expression for High School String Orchestra

MinJee Ha,

University of South Florida

Perceptions of Educational Value in Multi-Generational Ensembles

Jillian Wilson,

Luther College

Bandura's Social Learning Theory and Modern Band

Bryan Powell,

Bergen Community College

The Effects of Mental Imagery with Technical Description on Musicians' Perceptions of Expressivity while Listening to Original Musical Performances

Jose Ruiz & Jeff Temple, University of South Florida

4:30 PM

The Role of Participatory Music Making and the Quality of Life of Older Adults

Lisa Lehmberg, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Filter, Mediator, Guide, Companion, and Model: Examining Parent Roles in the Transmission of Music Listenership Values and Guidelines

Jillian Bracken, University of Western Ontario

A Web-Based Environment for Facilitating Reflective Self-Assessment of Choral Conducting Students

Hyesoo Yoo,

University of Florida

Karaoke Phenomenon: A Contextual, Cultural Performance for Pleasure

Sarah Van Waardhuizen,

University of Iowa

Musical Journeys of Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers: Factors From Their Lives That Influence Readiness and Confidence to Integrate Music in the Elementary Classroom

Alena Holmes & Sharri VanAlstine, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

5:00 PM

Preparing Students for Lifelong Musical Engagement: Re-examining Private Piano Lesson Approaches

Anne-Marie Hildebrandt, Pennsylvania State University

Circle Singing: New Research on Participatory Music Making

Stephen Paparo, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Curious Collaborative Creativity: Transforming Traditional Ensembles into Innovative Communities

Caron Collins, The State University of New York at Potsdam

Lessons Learned from Java Jam: An Alternative Music Making Event at the High School Level

Sarah Gulish, Lower Moreland Township School District

The Experience of Creating Community: An Intrinsic Case Study of Four Midwestern Public School Choral Teachers

Elizabeth Cassidy Parker,

Temple University

5:30 PM


7:00 PM


February 7th,Saturday


Conference Room

Choral Room

Barness Recital Hall

MUE 211

MUE 205

8:30 AM

Keynote Address

Please Be Patient, I’m a Work In Progress

Don Coffman,

University of Miami

9:30 AM

Lifelong Musicians and Personality Type: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument as a Predictor of Long-Term Involvement in Music

Daniel Welborn,

Georgia State University

Lifespan Recollections in the Autobiographies of Music Education Graduate Students

Lori Custodero,

Columbia University

Improvisation as a Pedagogical System: An Analysis of the Methodology of the Instituto de Educacion Musicale

Stephanie Khoury,

McGill University

An Exploration of the Use of and the Attitudes Toward Technology in First Year Elementary Band Settings

Danni Gilbert,

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Turning the Outside In: Building Bridges Between Popular Music and School Music

Chad West,

Ithaca College

10:00 AM

Remembering a Hard Life With Joy: Musicing Among Korean Elders

Elisha Jo & Kari Veblen, University of Western Ontario

Connecting Laboratory to Classroom: Examining the Pedagogical and Philosophical Relationships Between Music Cognition Research and Music Education Practice Through a Review of Literature

Betty Anne Younker, Jillian Bracken, & Ruth Wright, University of Western Ontario;Katie Overy, University of Edinburgh

AIRS Quadcultural Study on Singing and Cultural Understanding

Lily Chen-Hafteck, University of California-Los Angeles

Teaching Students with Disabilities: A Review of Music Education Research as it Relates to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Sara Jones, University of Massachusetts-Amherst

The Relationship Between Phonological Awareness and Music Aptitude

Mara Culp,

Pennsylvania State University

10:30 AM


11:00 AM

Age-Related Changes Affecting the Learning of Music Performance Skills for Older Adults

James Reifinger,

Southern Illinois University

String Technique and Pedagogy: Was Percival Hodgson Correct? Empirical Data in Support of an Alternative Approach to the Study of String Instruments

David Sogin,

University of Kentucky

I am a good singer!”: Exploring the Lived Experience of a 14-year-old Girl with Autism at an Inclusive Summer Music Camp

Becky Halliday,

University of Montevallo

Young Childrens' Preferences for Musical iPad Applications

Suzanne Burton & Aimee Pearsall, University of Delaware

11:30 AM

Outstanding Emerging Research Award Presentation and Recognition of Finalists

Paper Presentation by Outstanding Emerging Researcher Award Recipient, Patrick K. Cooper, Athlos Traditional Academy, Arizona

Examining Correlations when Using Amabiles Consensual Assessment Technique to Support Validity of Teachers as Expert Judges

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