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Program (updated on January 31, 2017)

Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium XI

February 1-4, 2017


Wednesday, February 1

Atrium Waterfall

Embassy Suites

3705 Spectrum Blvd., Tampa, FL 33612

Phone: 813-977-7066




Thursday, February 2

USF School of Music Conference Center

3755 USF Holly Dr., Tampa, FL 33620

Phone: 813-974-2311


Registration open



James Moy, Dean, College of The Arts, University of South Florida

Chinese song with accompaniment

Pa Mi Er, Wo De Jia Xiang Duo Me Mei 帕米尔,我的家乡多么美 [How Beautiful You Are, My Hometown Pa Mi Er] (composer: Qiufeng Zheng, lyricist: Zong Qu)

Haojia Liu & Heyu Sun (University of South Florida)

Inauguration of MJME

Clint Randles, Founding Editor, Media Journal in Music Education at



Roundtable 1


Melanie Faulkner, colleagues, and students (School District of Hillsborough County)

The Young Songwriters Symposium

Video link:


Beth Bolton (Temple University), Ricardo Freire, Sandra Ferraz (University of Brasilia, Brazil), Kerry Renzoni (State University of New York—Buffalo), Joohee Rho (Korea Audiation Institute for Research, South Korea), Michal Hefer (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel), and Paola Anselmi (Scuola Popolare di Musica Donna Olimpia, Italy)

The human factor: How personal perspective, creativity, and intent to communicate influence interpretation of music

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Jonathan Kladder and William Lee (University of South Florida)

Music Teachers Perceptions of Creativity: A Preliminary Investigation

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Lightning Talk 1


Leonard Tan (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Re-thinking traditional large ensembles: Insights from classical Chinese philosophy


Jacob Berglin (Northwestern University)

Working with Trans* Students as a Humane Act


Daniel Johnson (University of North Carolina—Wilmington)

Listening lesson: How culture mediates music listening experiences


Tamara Thies (California State University—Long Beach)

Infusing the Lived Musical Experiences of Hispanic Students into Established Music Education Pedagogy



Poster Session


Jacob Berglin (Northwestern University)

Stratification in music education


Elizabeth Bucura (Eastman School of Music)

Seventh grade students’ musical meanings in the keyboard lab component of a secondary general music class


Brent Clowers (University of South Florida)

Acoustic and electronic instruments: Coexistence in the music classroom


Maia Giesbrecht and Bernard W. Andrews (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Hidden ground: What are the characteristics of educational music for strings in the Canadian context?


Daniel Johnson (University of North Carolina—Wilmington)

The influence of chamber music experience on developing twenty-first century skills: Exploring the human dimension


Louis Kugelman (Temple University)

The philosophies of Revelli and Fennell: A difference of philosophy


Kailimi Li (University of Massachusetts—Amherst)

Music teacher preparation for culturally diverse school environments: A review of literature

Corin Overland (University of Miami)

Interactions of in-group bias and cultural priming in professional music adjudicators


Jill Reese (State University of New York—Fredonia)

Communitas: Ukulele and collective joy


Yunshu Tan (State University of New York—Fredonia)

Effects of Chinese pop music selection on students’ music familiarity and preference for its traditional version


Brian Weidner (Northwestern University)

Defining musical independence in the large ensemble classroom


Kristina Weimer (Pennsylvania State University)

Mentor identification, selection, preparation, and development: A literature review


Carson Zajdel (Temple University)

Exploring processes of young male secondary choral music teachers’ gay identity revelation




USF Creative Performance Chamber Ensemble (Teacher: Clint Randles) [12:45-1:15]



Roundtable 2


Katie Carlisle (Georgia State University)

Proposing a university consortium for music education policy and professional development

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Tiger Robison (University of Maryland)

Personal and professional characteristics of music education professors: Factors associated with expectations and preferences of undergraduate students

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Joseph Shively (Oakland University)

Transformative adaptation in music teacher education

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Lightning Talk 2


Marshall Haning (University of Florida) and Elizabeth Tracy (Case Western Reserve University)

Characteristics of secondary nonperformance music courses


Amanda McClintock (Northwestern University)

Teach as though they will: A philosophical discussion of ability-oriented teaching in music education


Elizabeth Robbins (Temple University)

Girls rock: A case study


Brian Weidner (Northwestern University)

“It’s OK to fail”: Failure as learning in the music ensemble






Roundtable 3


Leonard Tan (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Beyond the school years: On community bands in Singapore and reasons for participation

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Lisa Lehmberg (University of Massachusetts—Amherst)

The role of participatory music making in the quality of life of senior citizens

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Lisa Lehmberg (University of Massachusetts—Amherst) and C. Victor Fung (University of South Florida)

Music participation and quality of life: Findings in senior citizen centers

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Tracy Torrance and Jennifer Bugos (University of South Florida)

Relationships between older adults’ personality traits and musical engagement

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An idea for a musical evening at The Florida Orchestra, 11 miles from campus in downtown Tampa: Click here. Otherwise, enjoy Tampa at your leisure.

Friday, February 3

USF School of Music Conference Center

3755 USF Holly Dr., Tampa, FL 33620

Phone: 813-974-2311



Karen Bryan, Director, School of Music, University of South Florida

Circle Singing

Leader: Lisa Lehmberg (University of Massachussetts—Amherst)



Roundtable 4


Kasia Bugaj (Florida State University) and Selim Giray (University of Mississippi)

String ensemble setup innovation through historical perspective

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Alan Gumm (Central Michigan University)

Measuring music conducting from multiple perspectives: Mixed-method validity analyses of a six-function theory and survey

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Wendy Matthews (Wayne State University), Daniel Johnson (University of North Carolina—Wilmington), and Brett Nolker (University of North Carolina—Greensboro)

Teacher decision-making in choral and instrumental ensembles: Contextual influences on pedagogy

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Lightning Talk 3


Alena Holmes (University of Wisconsin—Whitewater)

An examination of the relationships among home musical environment, music aptitude and early audiation achievement of pre-school and kindergarten students


Michael Palmer (Ball State University)

Intuition, the mysterious and insightful dimension of creative thought: An analysis of contemporary understanding of intuition in creative musical practices


Kat Reinhert (University of Miami)

Done is better than perfect: Encouraging the process of creativity


Rebecca Rinsema (Northern Arizona University)

An alternative to Peter Webster’s ‘Musical Creativity’? An ecological approach




USF Creative Performance Chamber Ensemble (Teacher: Clint Randles) [11:45-12:15]


12:15pm- 1:30pm

Roundtable 5


Morgan Burburan and Patrick Cooper (University of South Florida)

Top 40s and responsible music teaching

Video link:


Colin Harte (Department of Education, New York City)

The Bodhrán in the Boogie Down Bronx: Ethnomusicological pedagogy in Mott Haven

Video link:


Sangmi Kang (University of Florida)

The effect of motivation on students’ preferences for acoustic or iPad instruments: Comparing guitars and gayageums

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Lightning Talk 4


Erica Desaulniers (Northwestern University)

Crossing the moat: Making musical connections with the community


Sara Jones (University of Massachusetts—Amherst)

The teaching artist as music educator


Sarah Morrison (Appleby College, Canada) and Charlene Pauls (The Oakville Children’s Choir, Canada)

Voices for change:  Exploring youth self-expression and inclusion in community singing


Corin Overland (University of Miami)

New modes and models of for-profit music education: Where do we fit in with the “School of Rock”?






Roundtable 6

John Kratus (Michigan State University)

Reconsidering assessment in music education

Video link:

Danxu Ma (University of South Florida)

Music in global citizenship education: Learning music as a global citizen

Video link:


Andrew Paney and Selim Giray (University of Mississippi)

How can diversity and equity be increased in string programs in Mississippi?

Video link:


Tiger Robison (University of Maryland)

A Hispanic male elementary general music teacher in an urban school: A critical case study

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Lightning Talk 5

Christian Bernhard (State University of New York—Fredonia)

Contemplative practices in music teacher education


Sangmi Kang (University of Florida) and Hyesoo Yoo (Virginia Tech)

Music teachers’ work engagement and psychological needs as predictors of their well-being


Karen Koner (California State University—Stanislaus) and Wendy Matthews (Wayne State University)

Work environment and job satisfaction of currently employed K-12 music teachers in the United States


Natalie Royston (Iowa State University) and Jill Wilson (Luther College)

Beliefs of undergraduate music teacher education students on professional teacher dispositions


Kristina Weimer (Pennsylvania State University)

Mentor mentee relationships in Connecticut’s teacher education and mentoring program: Preliminary findings




Songs by 5th Grade Students, The Young Songwriters Project, School District of Hillsborough County [5:45-6:15]

Conversation with the 5th Graders [6:45-7:15]


Concert (iPad Ensemble)

USF School of Music Concert Hall

[Tickets included in Symposium registration]


Saturday, February 4

USF School of Music Conference Center

3755 USF Holly Dr., Tampa, FL 33620

Phone: 813-974-2311


Ukulele Fiesta

Leader: Jill Reese (State University of New York—Fredonia)



Futures Planning Session for Tangible Products

If you are staying in the area on Saturday and interested in some violin and orchestral music, you might look into the Gala Concert featuring Itzhak Perlman in St. Petersburg (33 miles from campus). Click here for details.