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Music Education Research International (MERI)

Music Education Research International (MERI) aims to disseminate recent research that contributes to global views of music education, which contains two different meanings. First, a global view pertains to various peoples, musics, or activities in music education worldwide. It cuts across geographic, cultural, political, and international boundaries. Second, a global view is a comprehensive view in music education. It refers to a broad definition of music education, in all settings (e.g., community, home, school, individual, and group), at all age levels from prenatal through the entire lifespan, and with regard to all aspects of music.

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Music Education Research International (MERI) is an annual refereed research journal published online. Contributions must be based on the extant literature and may be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed in design, and in exceptional circumstances may also include philosophical, historical, theoretical, or synthesis writing. In all cases, submissions must contribute to knowledge in music education by providing new insights, inferences, and/or implications. Submissions should include clear statements of purpose, method, result, conclusion, and implication. Furthermore, it may publish invited speeches of the Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium (SMERS).

Music Education Research International (ISSN 1938-6435) is published by the Center for Music Education Research, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida. Music education at USF is housed in the School of Music and the College of The Arts. All questions and comments about the journal should be addressed to C. Victor Fung, editor.

Music Education Research International is free of charge to both individuals and libraries worldwide.

Music Education Research International is transformed into a media journal: Media Journal in Music Education.