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Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium XIV

Suncoast Music Education Research Symposium XIV

Musical Identities:

Researching the Intersection of Identity, Music, and Music Education


Center for Music Education Research, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida




Date(s) of Meeting:

February 8-11, 2023


Description of Meeting:

Who we are is to a great extent the sum of our experiences, and who we are as an academic discipline is the sum of our collective experiences. The organizers of this symposium would like to see diverse proposals on the topic of identity, including its formation, type, change, and relevance to musicality.  We are much better together than we are when we are separate. This conference is about these ideas and the ones that emerge from our discussions.


Hybrid Design

Suncoast XIII will feature research, conceptual work, and practical application of matters related to everything that touches creativities, notions of the good life, spirituality and progress. We have designed it in a hybrid (face-to-face and virtual) way to be flexible to the challenges that a global pandemic continues to bring us. This symposium is open to research, conceptual, and practical work that focuses on aspects of identities in both traditional and non-traditional settings. We believe in the reality of multiple manifestations of identities in music education and in the concept and practice of creativities—new and emerging interdisciplinary musical performance, composition, improvisation, and critique that do not fit into neat categories. We invite participation in this symposium that emphasizes participant interactions and tangible products.


Edited Volume

We will be pulling together a number of the contributions to this symposium and working with authors on an edited volume that will run parallel to Suncoast XIV, focusing on emergent discourse. Information on dissemination will be shared on the final morning of the symposium.


Media Journal in Music Education

We will be inviting participants to consider submitting a 5-7 minute video for publication in the MJME.


Types of Submissions Sought:

On-site Research Paper Presentations, Virtual Research Paper Presentations, On-site Lightning Talks, Virtual Lightning Talks, On-site Research Posters, and Virtual Research Posters


Description of Types of Submissions Sought:

A. Posters (on-site or virtual): Time-slot(s) dedicated for sharing


B. Lightning Talks (on-site or virtual): 5-minute presentations, each followed by a 5-minute discussion period


C. Oral Research Presentations (on-site or virtual): 15-minute presentations, arranged around similar topics, followed by a 20-minute discussion period per topic


Presentation Requirements: All presenters must register to attend the symposium by the pre-registration deadline so their names will be included in the program.


Research Topics Sought:

Topics could include, but are not limited to, the following:




culturally responsive teaching

equality and equity



learner-centered pedagogy

lifelong learning








seeking balance

social justice



teacher education


vernacular musicianship

world music


Submission Information:

Abstract Submission

Up to 250 words max for oral presentations, lightning talks, and posters


Choose one:

On-site oral presentation only

Virtual oral presentation only

On-site lightning talk only

Virtual lightning talk only

On-site research poster only

Virtual research poster only

On-site oral presentation or poster

Virtual oral presentation or poster

On-site lightning talk or poster

Virtual lightning talk or poster


The Executive Board of the Center for Music Education Research serves as the blind review panel for all presentation types. Submit abstracts to Clint Randles at Attach a pdf, Word, or Pages file that includes the proposal title, abstract, and type(s) of presentation formats for which you are applying. In the body of the email provide all proposer name(s), email, current position, institutional affiliation, and proposal title. Please type "Suncoast 2023 Submission" in the Subject field. All communications will be with the lead author for collaborative submissions.


Deadline for Submissions and Timeline for Acceptance of Proposals:

September 9, 2022 submission deadline

Acceptance decisions will be made by October 9

Meeting URL:



October 9 - Registration will be open

November 27 - Deadline for Early-Bird Registration


All presenters must register by the early-bird deadline, to ensure a place in the program.


In person (with sunshine and beaches):

Conference Presenter/Early Bird: $245

Full Conference Rate: $300

Conference Presenter/Early Bird (Students): $75

Full Conference Rate (Students): $120


Virtual (without sunshine and beaches):

Conference Presenter/Early Bird: $200

Full Conference Rate: $250

Conference Presenter/Early Bird (Students): $50

Full Conference Rate (Students): $85



Inquiries About the Conference Proposal Should Be Directed To:

Clint Randles (Email: